We're in the process of fully building out our list of resources. Check back periodically for new additions.

The Reboot Iowa Resource List provides a list of resources, free and paid, for anyone to begin their journey towards tech or continue on a path they’ve already started. We’re working to continue to expand upon this list by adding new resources that are offered online and across the state of Iowa. If you’d like to suggest a new resource for this list, email us at info@rebootiowa.org.

** Resources listed here are not endorsed by Reboot Iowa and we highly encourage everyone to do their own research if something here looks interesting.

Resources in Iowa

A list of resources in Iowa that offer education opportunities for adults.

List of Colleges and universities with adult education programs and certificates

Des Moines Area Community College

Information Technology Programs

Java Application Development Program

New Horizons IT Trainings and Certifications

Delta V Code School

Free Online Resources

A list of free resources on the internet to learn about coding and other tech related things

Coursera Free classes with paid certs

Codecademy Free classes

W3Schools Free online web tutorials

Khan Academy Free online web tutorials

HackerRank for Developers Online coding challenges

Project Euler Mathematical/Computer programming challenges

Paid Online Resources

A list of paid online resources, including certificate programs.

Treehouse 7 day free trial, $25/mo

CompTIA IT Certifications

SANS Information Security Training

Pluralsight Online IT Training Platform

Lynda Online training platform with Developer and IT

Udemy Online courses for purchase