Keeping Your Coding New Year's Resolution

Every year we all make a plan for who we’ll be in the new year. Some of us resolve to be healthier or exercise more. Some of us make goals to get a new job or save up more money. And some of us set a goal to learn something new, perhaps something like learning how to code. According to US News, 80% of people give up on their new year’s resolutions by February. We don’t want you to give up on yours so here are a few tips to help you keep your coding New Year’s Resolution.

Find A Community For Inspiration

Having a community of people to encourage and help you on your journey is essential. Start by looking for any groups in your town or city that focus on the area of code you're interested in learning about.

Tips For Where To Start

  • Search Facebook for groups and events in your area
  • Search for groups in your area

If you don't have a local group in your area, online communities can be just as effective. is a great online community for beginners and has the added bonus of having a fairly rebust Twitter and Slack community.

Build A List of Resources

Take some time to research the different resources available to you to help you on your journey. Having this list together and ready to go can be helpful when you've hit a wall or need a little bit of inspiration to try something new.

Tips For Where To Start

Focus On Building A Project, Not Learning A Language

When planning to learn a language, avoid simply saying "I will learn how to code in x language". Instead, say "I will build x using x language". It's easy to get turned around and confused if you don't have a clear goal or reason to learn the language.

Tips For Where To Start

  • What's something you need that could help you in your daily life? Pick that as your project. For example, a personal website or an app to track books you've read or recipies you like. It doesn't matter if a solution already exist, that isn't the point.
  • If you don't have a project in mind, try Project Euler.

Consistency is Key

People who are very successful in their fields or goals will usually point to their consistency as the reason for their success. You also have to be consistent to achieve your goal of learning how to code.

Tips For Where To Start

  • Designate a set number of hours a week to work on your coding skills
  • Find a way to hold yourself accountable. Use your community and meet once a week to code together.

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